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03.8.2017 - 3:42 PM Comments: 3

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on social networks? How much time do you work? How much time do you spend chatting with your family and friends? I suggest to stop there and think about it for a minute. Also, think about things which bring you the best satisfaction. Well, of course, meeting with friends, colleagues or other interesting people in an informal setting are bringing more joy to you. When we created Meeti APP we thought about those people. If your day is written at every minute and you have no time for some entertainment you need Meeti APP! It’s very simple in use. You only need to download Meeti APP, register, add your information and photo and you are ready to new meetings. If you have few minutes of free time you can look at profiles of people that interest you and suggest to meet, or arrange a meeting with people who are interested meeting with you. There’s a possibility to arrange individual or group meetings. That’s how you can invite a lot of interesting people on your party. Also, you choose the time and place of the meeting by yourself!
With Meeti APP you can have new meetings in real life every day. We won’t let you fall into depression! Because we know how valuable is real communication! Our investigation shows that people only feel lonelier in this cold world of social media and virtual technologies, that’s why we want to make some changes with Meeti APP. Remember there are a lot of people like you, people who need new Meet. Don’t miss your chance to be closer! Try Meeti APP today!

Nick 03.9.2017 - 5:02 AM Reply

Wow. Finally somebody think about app what bring people together. Good job!!!

Mari 03.9.2017 - 5:08 AM Reply

Absolutely agree with consent of live communications. Online chatting is nothing vs real meetings experience…

stormyEr 03.15.2017 - 6:30 AM Reply

Absolutely with you it agree. I think, what is it excellent idea.

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