Communication is an inalienable part of our life

04.1.2017 - 11:23 AM Comments: 0

People are looking for communication from the first days of humanity existence. At first, there were certain gestures, sounds, and then first words and languages. Methods of communication improved in the evolution process of humans. Exactly it became an inalienable part of our life. However connecting with the virtual world we often can have the erroneous impression about an interlocutor. Unfortunately, deception and the large influence of false information is not only negative companions of virtual communication. During the real meeting is far more difficult to deceive the interlocutor. In fact, this alive interaction is not only words but also intonation, mimicry, gestures, the mood the soul. It is far simpler to memorize new information when we can not only hear, but also see the different feelings of an interlocutor. This is especially important for creative personalities. They have very well developed the associative thinking. One word does the whole picture with certain colors by smells and feeling. In our young team work very creative people. And they often do not have time for socializing, because a lot of people have taken advantage of our new Meeti product. What is it? This is a mobile application. It works online. All you need is simply to register. You can visit one such meeting during a lunch hour or right after work. Only live communication will provide you with a complete transfer of knowledge and experience.

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