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You Deserve MORE Than A ‘Situationship,’ So Don’t Ever Settle

Decide what you want and don't let yourself have ANYTHING less. You’ve heard of the almost relationship, friends with benefits, breadcrumbing, and ghosting, and just when you thought dating couldn’t get any worse, the new trend proves it does. And it’s probably one of the ...
05.26.2017 - 10:12 PM Comments: 0
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Relationship Perks Of Dating Someone Who’s Already Been Divorced

You get all the benefits of their past mistakes. Should you date someone who is divorced? Does it mean the person can't commit or trashes relationships? It's possible that those things are true, but let's look on the positive side. What are the perks of people who have ...
05.24.2017 - 7:23 PM Comments: 0
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6 Things To Stop Doing NOW If You Want Happy, Healthy Relationships

Stop sabotaging yourself. “Where am I going wrong?" is a question I get all the time from women struggling with dating in the digital age. Ghosting, swiping and shifting ways to DTR (define the relationship) are making a lot of women feel stressed out and frustrated. ...
05.23.2017 - 8:41 PM Comments: 0
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