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When I’m sad, I take my phone and call my mom, because she always knows what to say and can make me smile. And what are your anti-stress methods? Do you call your close ones, friends or just punch a boxing pear? We suggest trying a new way that can take you out of your stress, new communication experience – Meeti APP. The app can help you find a lot of new friends and just interesting people. People at Meeti realize the real need of communication. That’s why while working on the app our main goal was helping people to arrange a personal face to face meetings. Also, did you know that online communication steals from you? More that 30% of the information we receive from emotions and gestures, and it is lost online. You will communicate with different categories of people and for sure it’s invaluable experience for everyone. The app offers several meetings categories personal or public, business. Real meetings ensure the big changes in your life and Meeti APP ensures the best organization of face to face communication! Find a minute and try it, you’ll like it!

We are convinced that face to face communication brings everybody more pleasure that virtual one. You receive aesthetic enjoyment watching emotions and gestures of the opponent, watching his reactions to your words. So, are you still wondering who really needs Meety APP and face to face meetings? We all need! Students, housewives, single people, hard working people, just everybody who believes they don’t have enough communication. Everyone can find something or someone with the help of Meeti APP. What do you need to start? Just be ready for new friends, meetings, new relationships and a huge wave of human information. We know that sometimes it can be scary just to meet with someone without any prior acquaintance, but you just need to try! This way you learn many different things! Discuss problems that you had no-one to discuss with? That’s why we created Meeti APP, a new creative modern solution for meetings. The revolution of decision is finally done to facilitate organization of your free time. You’re one click away from your new life. So, just download, lunch, register and make your first Meeti APP!

Everyone uses a lot of different gadgets and applications during the day. Some of them are important, some not, but we can’t imagine our life without them because they are part of our everyday life. But we at Meeti APP were thinking and investigating a lot about real personal meetings. Are they still important for our life? Do we still need face to face meetings? And the answer is YES, of course! We found that communication problems are growing from year to year because people communicate with each other not so frequently, openly and sincerely. We still need face to face communication, we still need new meetings with new people. So, working in that way we created Meeti APP, the application that will help you acquire new meetings with new people. We offer nice looking and friendly application which goal is to help people understand each other better. As we say it “All you need is Meet”. And that’s true! Simple steps on your way to new Meet’s. Download application, enter some data about yourself and your interests. This way you can find people with similar interests and arrange a meeting. Meeti APP is the best solution for face to face meetings! Download and see!

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend on social networks? How much time do you work? How much time do you spend chatting with your family and friends? I suggest to stop there and think about it for a minute. Also, think about things which bring you the best satisfaction. Well, of course, meeting with friends, colleagues or other interesting people in an informal setting are bringing more joy to you. When we created Meeti APP we thought about those people. If your day is written at every minute and you have no time for some entertainment you need Meeti APP! It’s very simple in use. You only need to download Meeti APP, register, add your information and photo and you are ready to new meetings. If you have few minutes of free time you can look at profiles of people that interest you and suggest to meet, or arrange a meeting with people who are interested meeting with you. There’s a possibility to arrange individual or group meetings. That’s how you can invite a lot of interesting people on your party. Also, you choose the time and place of the meeting by yourself!
With Meeti APP you can have new meetings in real life every day. We won’t let you fall into depression! Because we know how valuable is real communication! Our investigation shows that people only feel lonelier in this cold world of social media and virtual technologies, that’s why we want to make some changes with Meeti APP. Remember there are a lot of people like you, people who need new Meet. Don’t miss your chance to be closer! Try Meeti APP today!