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The POWERFUL Differences Between Romance, Desire, Lust, Passion, Intimacy & LOVE

Read on to find out what’s happening to your emotions and your brain chemicals at each of the six phases of love. 1. Romance is when: You feel butterflies when you talk or see each other. You want to do things to make each other happy. You want to understand his or her mind ...
09.19.2017 - 7:10 AM Comments: 0
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Why More Men Should Be ‘Just Friends’ With Women

Wait, aren’t you the guy who says that men and women can’t be ‘just friends’?” Yep, that’s me. Can men and women be just friends? No. Because I have long held the (accurate) position that men and women are unable to be 100 percent platonic friends because a man’s biological ...
09.14.2017 - 7:30 AM Comments: 0
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How to find love with 5 basic rules?

1. The 'You'll discover love when you're not looking' approach might not be right. Try Meeti App That resembles saying, "You'll discover work when you're slightest searching for it," said Pepper Schwartz, a relationship master and humanism educator at the University of ...
09.8.2017 - 12:51 AM Comments: 0
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Reasons You Always End Up Annoyed With The Guys Who Like You

Is it you ... or them? You’re a single gal and ready to meet a great guy. There are many ways to meet guys, but attracting the right type of guy seems to be a bit more of a challenge. Why does it often feel like the guys who pursue you, the ones who really like you, are so ...
08.24.2017 - 1:36 PM Comments: 0
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